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What is it about?

Sunnyside: Royals of Cora is an upcoming

indie-animated musical series set inside the

high fantasy world of Cora. It follows four

magical royals who go to a prestigious high school,

where they hone their magic and learn how to be

rulers of their kingdoms one day. We are introduced

to Crescenta, a bold but insecure princess from the

Kingdom of Stars,  River, a people-pleasing bookworm

from the Water Kingdom, Hazel, an intuitive but naïve

princess from the Nature Kingdom, and Zephyr, an aloof

but loyal prince from the Wind Kingdom. Though their lives

are not perfect, together, they learn how to heal and

embrace their true selves. However, with the threat of

dark magic looming upon the horizon, things might

not be as great as they think. Whilst singing their

way through life, will these four be able to chase

after their destinies and be the powerful rulers

they were always meant to become?

The pilot is currently in production!

Sunnyside: Royals of Cora is a web series;

the show will be aired on the 'Sunnyside:

Royals of Cora'  YouTube channel.

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